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Bellwether Fashion

About Bellwether Fashion

Mission Statement:

Create fashion that never compromises quality for quantity. Inspire God's people to live in the dreams. 


Bellwether Fashion, was founded by Jermaine James in Detroit, MI and launched online on Black Friday 2013. Jermaine grew up in inner city Detroit where his struggles fueled his passion. The Dream from as early as 11 years old was to make it to the NBA. With God given exceptional basketball skills he never failed to make a team until he was cut from M.L. King High School's boys varsity team. At that point in life the only dream and talent he had ever known was taken away. 

Jermaine on when he started the company, "People always ask how did I get the idea to start Bellwether Fashion. I honestly don't know how to answer that but, if I had to point to one day in life it would be the day I got cut from the basketball team. That was the day I had to start digging within myself to find what I was good at other than basketball."

It would be years later before he turned to fashion. The rest is History in the making. 

The Definition: 

Bellwether: 1. The leading sheep of a flock with a bell on it's neck.  2. Someone or something that leads others or shows what will happen in the future.